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The organizer for this group is a passionate sightseeing guide and academic working on a project that looks at how space is organized in New York City. Using public art as a focus, we explore Manhattan's neighborhoods and uncover their rich history and how they promote ideas for balanced, global operation. With this focus we also uncover aspects of our nature as individuals and our future as a global culture.

Each of the places visited will reveal fresh perspectives. We will organize to meet in different neighborhoods and institutions that have world-class works of art on display. Join this community and renew your love for this city all while relating to amazing people with similar interests and working together for a unified humanity.

At the moment six tours are being rotated throughout Manhattan. Emphasis is given to Upper Manhattan as the sites visited reflect on the experience of people of African descent. If we are to see an end to racism we need to see the cultural contributions made by people of color to American society and to our emerging global culture. We will also organize visits to museums and art galleries.

Neighborhoods where tours are offered:
- Lower Manhattan
- SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown
- Greenwich Village
- Midtown Manhattan
- Central Park
- Upper Manhattan

To read reviews from past event participants visit here.

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Sunday, 11-Feb-2018 (log in to see time)
Creative Visualization in Central Park
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Saturday, 03-Feb-2018 (log in to see time)
Creative Visualization in Lower Manhattan (Part Two)
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Juan J., Head Organizer
Plus 2 Creative Visualizers!