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Cincinnati Adventures


This group is for anyone in the Cincinnati area who wants to get out and be active while meeting great new people! Whether you are young, old, man, woman or somewhere in between you are welcome.

Our members are people who like to do things and don't want to do them alone. Our hosts decide what events to plan and they vary from art to adventures, concerts to kayaks, Yoda to yoga. Basically anything our members want to do we try to make it happen.

When an events is planned you will get a notification.
Please choose "Yes" if you would like to attend
Choose "No" if you don't wish to attend.

 Please read our "Being a Good Member/Rules" at the bottom of the home page.

This is a group for anyone looking for good times, new adventures, and meeting new people. If you would like to be a host you just need to plan and promote a minimum of 2 events per month.

Everyone was a new member once so don't let that hold you back!


Cincinnati Adventure Crew has hosted 8 events and has 0 planned.

Nothing to show at this time.
Sunday, 11-Mar-2018 (log in to see time)
Nomadic Yoga - Cat edition
3 went, 0 No shows
Sunday, 11-Feb-2018 (log in to see time)
Nomadic Yoga - Rhinegeist
2 went, 0 No shows
Saturday, 10-Feb-2018 (log in to see time)
Highly Improvable Comedy Show!
2 went, 0 No shows
Saturday, 10-Feb-2018 (log in to see time)
The O.F.F. Market at Madtree Brewery
3 went, 0 No shows
Monday, 05-Feb-2018 (log in to see time)
Personal Finance with Friends
2 went, 0 No shows


Jon H, The Man with The Plan
Kay, Head Organizer
David Menetrey, Event Organizer
Erica, Event Organizer
Plus 29 Doer!