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We are an enthusiastic group of authors—some published and some beginners—who meet every Tuesday at 6:30PM, for critiques and encouragement. Go ahead and bring any type of written material you're working on, or simply come and join the conversation to listen and critique other people's work.

Individual authors have a twenty-minute time slot to read their own work, aloud. Meanwhile, attendees will make corrections of grammar, structure and style directly on their copies. Afterwards, there will be a group discussion, providing excellent and useful feedback. Lastly, all the copies are returned the originating author.

If you do decide to bring something to read, make sure you have enough copies for everyone. Check this page on the day of the meeting to get an accurate headcount.

NOTICE:       Maximum of five printed pages, 1.5 line spacing and 12pt size or larger font.

LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Davie Writers' Group has hosted 70 events and has 55 planned.

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