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You're a hiker, a geocacher, or both?

Welcome to this group then!
We are between 30 and 50 years old and from all over the world. We go hiking or geocaching as a small group, usually in the

  • Odenwald
  • Palatinate Forest
  • Black Forest
  • Kraichgau

Membership is open for everyone 18 years and over. By joining Heidelberg Hiking & Geocaching you agree to accept the Responsibility Waiver.
Please have a look at our Rules and Information page too.

When you join the group and become a member, you can attend two free events to check us out. After that a membership fee of 5 EUR per calendar year applies.
Guests of group members are welcome too! They pay 1 EUR for each event.

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Petra, Head Organizer
Plus 59 Hikers & Geocachers!