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Attendance Policy

If you are new and make no effort to contact us, we'll leave you behind if you're not there promptly at the designated time. That may seem harsh, but here's the scoop: unlike other group events, we are not sitting in one location where latecomers can find us. We meet somewhere, and then go. It's unlikely you'd find or catch up to us. That leaves us either waiting for you to show up when we could be having fun, or leaving without you wondering if you might be lost or are still going to show up. If you are running a bit late, we can try to accommodate you if we know. Life happens. We get it. Just communicate.

Don't sign up "Yes" if you are a maybe, especially if the event has a limit. If you want to wait until the last minute to decide, that's fine... but don't sign up until you're sure. Don't hold a space if you're not committed to coming. Again, life happens and you might have to cancel, but a reservation means you have every intention of coming.

You used a computer or smart phone to tell us you are coming, so we know you are no stranger to modern technology. Don't be rude. Use some of that awesome technology to let us know you are not coming or if you are running late. You have options: Cancel your reservation the same way you made it. You can even do it at the last minute. This site also lets you add comments to an event. We check those, too. The host's phone number is often provided as well. Call or text your cancellation. Bottom Line: Not showing up and not telling us is not nice.

 Group Policy: Three no shows without any communication will get you blocked from this group.

We take full advantage of the reputation system here on The Groups Place. The more you participate, the higher your reputation.