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River Shuttle Procedure

WShuttle carhen paddling rivers, TCP normally goes on a one-way downstream trip.The Event Organizer will coordinate a vehicle shuttle to ensure that everyone has a way to get themselves and their boat back to their vehicle. A couple volunteers are always needed to do an extra drive to shuttle people/boats.  Please be willing to volunteer!

 Main considerations to determine how best to run a shuttle:

  1. Vehicle passenger capacity
  2. Availability of vehicles which can carry extra boats

Normal shuttle procedure:

  1. Everyone meets at the put-in & unloads their boats and equipment
  2. Organizer determines # of drivers, vehicle capacities, vehicle boat capacity.
  3. Request volunteer(s) to:
  4.   - Bring drivers back from take-out to put-in (prior to paddling trip start)
  5.   - Provide a ride to any paddler/boat back to their vehicle at put-in (end of trip)
  6. Most times, at least one non-driver stays with boats at put-in to watch boats & gear.
  7. Drivers only, convoy their vehicles to take-out.
  8. Depending on # of drivers & vehicle capacities, one or more vehicles are used to transport drivers back to put-in.
  9. Paddlers go on river trip.
  10.  At trips completion:
  11.  - Need volunteer(s) to provide a ride to the person/boat whose vehicle is back at put-in.
  12.  - Other paddlers can load their boat on their vehicle & go home.

Example: 12 paddlers, 10 vehicles:

  1. 12 boats/gear are unloaded at put-in
  2. The 2 people who came as passengers, stay at the put-in to watch boats/gear.
  3. 10 drivers convoy their vehicles to take-out.
  4. 2 volunteers use their vehicles to drive all 10 drivers back to put-in.
  5. At end of trip, 2 new volunteers are needed to give the original 2 volunteers and their boat a ride back to the put-in.
  6. The other 8 paddlers load their boats & go home.

If no one has the capacity to transport the original volunteer’s boats back to the put-in:

  1. Someone stays to watch the boats of the original volunteers
  2. A ride is given to the original volunteers back to their vehicle at the put-in
  3. The original volunteer drives back to the take-out to pick up their boat.