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Cat and Thomas Mountain Hike
Sun, May 06 • 9:00 AM

Let's enjoy a 7-mile loop hike over Cat and Thomas mountains near Lake George. I last did this hike many years ago, when it was still owned by the Lake George Conservancy and the trail was still pretty raw. Since then, the state has acquired it for the Forest Preserve. A very enjoyable loop hike begins from a trailhead near the I-87 Northway and leads over both mountains, which feature fine views of southern Lake George.

View of Lake George from Sleeping Beauty

Photo: View of Lake George from Sleeping Beauty, comparable to what we'll enjoy on Cat and Thomas

Hiking Distance: Approximately 7 miles over rugged terrain

Meeting Location: This information will be sent to trip participants via email. Please ensure your settings allow event-related emails.

Risk Statement: While we never deliberately court dangerous situations, the exploration of wilderness areas implies personal risk, such as being injured in a remote area. By participating in any Adirondack Wilderness Explorer event, you agree to assume full responsibility for the personal safety and well being of yourself and your guests.

Seasonal Conditions: By mid-spring, the days are getting warmer, but snow and ice may still be present in shady locations. Biting insects such as mosquitoes and black flies may be starting to appear.

What to Bring:

  • Sturdy boots for rugged terrain
  • Mud gaiters (optional)
  • Day pack
  • Lunch
  • Water

Weather Forecast

Lake George Wild Forest

Warren County, New York