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Exhibition 2019 Selection Meeting Round 7
Thu, Nov 01 • 19:00

The 11th Annual Exhibition of Members’ Work will open at Central Airport Plaza on January 26th 2019 and run for 15 days. It's the high point of our calendar and we hope that you will want to take part. Here are the rules for eligibility:

• Members who have attended at least two meetings so far this year.
• Members who joined after June 1st 2018.
• Exhibitors must be present in Chiang Mai for at least part of the period Jan 26th – Feb 10th 2019 and be prepared to help by manning the show for at least one half-day shift.

To submit pictures, you will first need to get an Exhibitor Number by sending an email to cmphotogroup@gmail.com with the subject line “Exhibitor Number Please”.

Eight selection meetings will be held from Sept 19th to Nov 7th inclusive and Exhibitors may submit up to three images per meeting. The total number of images per member is 15. If you are eligible to submit photographs but won’t be in Chiang Mai for some or all of the selection meetings see the FAQ here.

For full details of how to submit your work, please see SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 2019. Please only make suggestions or ask questions there so that they are all in one place, easy to reference and available for others to see. The CMPG Facebook page may not be used to send, receive or discuss exhibition details.


River Market Restaurant

N18.783620, E99.003807

River Market is a CMPG sponsor and kindly allows us to meet at their beautiful restaurant.  There is plenty of car parking and it's very close to the Night Market so transport is not too difficult to find either.  We do ask that members bear in mind that the venue makes no charge for the space so ordering a drink or a meal is a polite (and expected) way of supporting them.  Meeting at most other places would require a doubling of the contribution we ask you for at each meeting...

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