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CMPG Meeting: "MACRO Photography with Don Komarechka"
Tue, Nov 20 • 19:00 - 21:00

Exhibition Exhibitors:  Payment for mounting and framing will be collected tonight.  By now successful exhibitors will have received details of which images made the final cut along with the amount due for printing and framing.  If you really can't make the meeting, please either arrange to have someone else bring your payment or send an email to cmphotogroup@gmail.com with "Payment Details Please" as the subject and you'll get our account details so you can pay online or at an ATM.

We'll have the usual roundup of news, interesting bits and pieces plus a good video, "MACRO Photography with Don Komarechka" which shows some of the techniques he uses to get such great nature and abstract images.  This is the guy who appeared in the excellent  DPReview clip on outdoor macro we showed recently, and it's very instructive despite featuring the irritating Northrups.

Our regular fortnightly meeting at River Market is a chance to meet friends, talk photography, drool (not literally, please) over someone's new toy and share a few of your images with the Group to get some hopefully useful feedback. The main topic will be announced nearer the time.

An essential part of every meeting is sharing your pictures with the Group and and learning how to give and accept constructive critique from fellow members. You are encouraged to bring up to 3 images which will sometimes be in response to a current assignment or Field Trip but most often be "Open". Pictures should be in JPG format (2500 pixels on the long side is perfect) and in a single folder labelled CMPG. Please don't include other material in the folder so as to make loading them on the computer painless for Chris.


River Market Restaurant

N18.783620, E99.003807

River Market is a CMPG sponsor and kindly allows us to meet at their beautiful restaurant.  There is plenty of car parking and it's very close to the Night Market so transport is not too difficult to find either.  We do ask that members bear in mind that the venue makes no charge for the space so ordering a drink or a meal is a polite (and expected) way of supporting them.  Meeting at most other places would require a doubling of the contribution we ask you for at each meeting...