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CMPG Meeting
Wed, Dec 12 • 19:00 - 21:00

Not only do members Adam and Brenda hold the CMPG loyalty record by trekking in on a motor scooter from Mai Rim for every meeting, but back in the day they undertook a 35,000 km, 20 country journey with two custom made tandems, two children and a tent.  Among tonight's big questions: does Kodachrome 64 stand the test of time and how do you outrun an earthquake on a push bike? You'll probably think of some more to ask Adam after he's shown us the vintage pictures of their trip.  Don't miss it!

Plus:  The Exhibition Posters are ready and will be given out to exhibitors and volunteers to help with the publicity. They are A4 size and will be in a bag, but please think about how to keep them safe if you have to ride home on a bike.  Also, the captions form will have been sent out this week - if you're confused now's the time to ask. 

Our regular fortnightly meeting at River Market is a chance to meet friends, talk photography, drool (not literally, please) over someone's new toy and share a few of your images with the Group to get some hopefully useful feedback. The main topic will be announced nearer the time.

An essential part of every meeting is sharing your pictures with the Group and and learning how to give and accept constructive critique from fellow members. You are encouraged to bring up to 3 images which will sometimes be in response to a current assignment or Field Trip but most often be "Open". Pictures should be in JPG format (2500 pixels on the long side is perfect) and in a single folder labelled CMPG. Please don't include other material in the folder so as to make loading them on the computer painless for Chris.

River Market Restaurant

N18.783620, E99.003807

River Market is a CMPG sponsor and kindly allows us to meet at their beautiful restaurant.  There is plenty of car parking and it's very close to the Night Market so transport is not too difficult to find either.  We do ask that members bear in mind that the venue makes no charge for the space so ordering a drink or a meal is a polite (and expected) way of supporting them.  Meeting at most other places would require a doubling of the contribution we ask you for at each meeting...