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Clear Pond Campout
Sat, Jan 05 • 5:00 PM

I'm creating a separate trip notice for those interested in spending the night after the day hike up Treadway Mountain. Assuming good weather (i.e. a low temperature no lower than 0 degrees F) it might be fun to head over to Clear Pond, which has a lean-to a short distance off the trail to Treadway.

This will be an entirely optional trip; participation in the day hike doesn't mean you have to camp. ;)

Photo: Winter camping at an Adirondack lean-to

Hiking Distance: The distance to Clear Pond from the Putnam Pond Campground is about 1.1 miles, assuming that we walk across the frozen lake to get there. The distance to where we park will likely be a bit longer depending on where the plowing ends.

Meeting Location: This information will be sent to trip participants via email. Please ensure your settings allow event-related emails.

Deadline for Signing Up: Friday, January 4, 2019, 7:00 PM. Sign-ups after this time might not be noticed by the trip leader.

Risk Statement: While we never deliberately court dangerous situations, the exploration of wilderness areas implies personal risk, such as being injured in a remote area. By participating in any Adirondack Wilderness Explorer event, you agree to assume full responsibility for the personal safety and well being of yourself and your guests.

Seasonal Conditions: This late in the year, wintry conditions should be expected. The days are short and cold, and snow may be present.

What to Bring:

  • Sturdy boots for snow and rugged terrain
  • Snowshoes
  • Warm hat & gloves/mittens
  • Layered clothing
  • Overnight pack with tent (optional) and a winter-rated sleeping bag
  • Stove, fuel, cooking utensils
  • Food for dinner and breakfast the next morning
  • Water (or the ability to filter/purify water)

Weather Forecast

Location details will be provided to Members.