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Jakes Pond Ski / Snowshoe Hike
Sat, Feb 09 • 9:00 AM

Join me for a winter day hike into the Pepperbox Wilderness near Croghan, NY. We will follow a little-known foot trail along the West Branch Oswegatchie River and through a maze of wetlands to remote Jakes Pond, a slender body of water flanked by pine trees and small eskers. This is one of the few marked hiking trails anywhere within this wilderness.

The terrain is mostly level, punctuated by a few short hills. In the past I have snowshoed this trail, but if we arrive to find a trail full of unbroken powder I may choose to use skis instead.

The bigger issue will be beaver flooding, which has long plagued this trail. Therefore let's hope for cold weather, because solid ice will be very helpful.

This should be an enjoyable adventure in a part of the Adirondacks that few people visit!

Photo: Snowy day at Jakes Pond in the Pepperbox Wilderness

Hiking Distance: The hiking distance is 4.1 miles one-way, with only a few small hills. Stream and wetland crossings will be the bigger issue, so let's hope for cold weather and solid ice.

Meeting Location: This information will be sent to trip participants via email. Please ensure your settings allow event-related emails.

Deadline for Signing Up: Friday, February 8, 2019, 7:00 PM. Sign-ups after this time might not be noticed by the trip leader.

Risk Statement: While we never deliberately court dangerous situations, the exploration of wilderness areas implies personal risk, such as being injured in a remote area. By participating in any Adirondack Wilderness Explorer event, you agree to assume full responsibility for the personal safety and well being of yourself and your guests.

Seasonal Conditions: Wintry conditions should be expected, with cold weather and deep snow. The days are short and cold, and snow may be present.

What to Bring:

  • Sturdy boots for snow and rugged terrain
  • Snowshoes or skis
  • Warm hat & gloves/mittens
  • Layered clothing
  • Day pack
  • Lunch
  • Water

Weather Forecast

Location details will be provided to Members.