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WW - Hike and Swim - Tai Tam Waterfalls
Wed, Sep 11 • 9:30 AM


I'll be doing my best to fill Susie's hiking shoes as I take this week's Wednesday Wanderers from Tai Koo MTR to the beautiful waterfalls at Tai Tam.  We’re all tired of the rain so let’s enjoy the promised sunshine and warmer temperatures and go for a hike and a well-deserved swim.

The goal is to go at a moderate pace with breaks as needed.  Slow enough to take in the scenery but fast enough to feel like we’ve got in a midweek workout.  We’ll start out on the Quarry Bay Tree Walk and then follow the Hong Pak Country Trail to meet up with Mount Parker Road.  At Quarry Gap we will join the Hong Kong Trail (H059) and follow it past Tai Tam Upper Reservoir to a spot just above Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir.  Here we will pop off the trail to a ribbon trail to descend to the falls.

Let's enjoy the cool water here for a swim or just take off your shoes and dip in your toes.  There are no change facilities so I usually jump in in my hiking clothes.  We’ll enjoy a good swim and rest here and have plenty of time for a packed snack/lunch.  When we’re ready to go it’s only a short 1km hike to Tai Tam Road where we can find buses back to the Island Line MTR or Stanley.

NOTE:  As with any of my hikes, bear with me as I come to junctions and get my bearings.  I have a GPS route to follow, have a general memory of the trail and if we take a wrong turn or two it will all be an adventure to remember.

Contact: Marj by WhatsApp (6979 2207) As a courtesy to me and the rest of the group, please phone or WhatsApp me if you will not be at the start point at the designated time. 

Meeting place: Tai Koo MTR Station, Outside Exit B

Meeting time: 9:30AM PROMPT Trail: Tai Koo MTR>Greig Rd>Quarry Bay Tree Walk>Hong Pak Country Trail>HK Trail H059-H067>Ribbon Trail>HK Trail to Tai Tam Road
Speed: 2.4 (a moderate hiking pace on the flat, but taking it easy on climbs due to heat)
Length:  2.5 (about 11km)
Gradient (Ascent): 1.8 (about 500m)
Surface: 2.5 (well-defined dirt trails and paved paths)

Overall: 2.3


All of this route is on paved surface or well-defined dirt trails. We will go at a moderate hiking pace.  Please wear hiking shoes with a good tread.  Please bring plenty of water or sports drink - I recommend at least 1.5 litres of fluid more if it is a hot day. There are no re-supply points on the route after we leave the MTR.

Things to Bring:

·       1 ½ litres of water and/or sports drink

·       Sunscreen/bug spray

·       Hat and comfortable hiking clothes

·       Hiking shoes with good tread (trails may still be slippery after the recent rain)

·       Towel if you’re swimming

·       A fresh shirt for the bus ride home might be a good item to pack. 

·       Snacks and/or light lunch

·       Smile and a sense of humour

Tai Koo MTR exit B