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LOST SOLE 50km CHARITY Fundraiser
Fri, Feb 07 • 8:15 AM
600.00 per person

It’s that time of year to start looking forward to our very own, annual charity event, the “Lost Sole Challenge”, which will be held in February. If you haven’t already registered, then what are you waiting for??? Help us raise money for our chosen charity "RUN", get fit, and join us for some fun on the trails by signing up now!!  

PS. The name came from Steve P fearing that he would lose the soles of his beloved, but well worn, Scott trail shoes, before he officially retired them from the trails of Hong Kong! -  “Lost Sole” is the 50km route, whilst “Half Sole” is the 25km route (many other soles have been found along the way, but thankfully, none belonging to the Hong Kong Hikers who participated in the 1st annual 50km challenge, 4 years ago!).  This event is for both runners and hikers and at the end of the challenge, we will congregate to celebrate together at Lantau Base Camp in Mui Wo - they are this year’s sponsors of prizes and will be supplying us with cold beer and other beverages for purchase.


Please note that this is NOT an organised race, but an individual challenge with prizes, shiny medals for finishers and celebrations for all at the end!  The Lost Sole Challenge will give each of us a personal goal to work towards, as we hike to better our fitness levels. With a couple of months' training in the cooler climate of Hong Kong’s winter, the goal can be achievable by anyone. We are posting this now to give everyone several months’ notice, to train for the event.  Of course, those who want to run, or use this challenge as a practice for upcoming events, are free to go as fast as they can!

Extra twist….This year, with some inspiration from Marj, we will be adding a chance to win a prize, without necessarily having to be the fastest to finish........Each person will have to randomly choose a card from 5 different locations, and the finisher that makes the best poker hand, wins a prize equivalent to that of the fastest person over the finish line! Over the course of 50km there will be clearly flagged stops where you must collect your assigned cards and keep them with you until you get to the finish line.  There, you will need to present the cards to the race-marshal, in order to complete the challenge and receive your well-earned, shiny medal!  Just remember, anyone can be a winner!

If you (or anyone you know) don’t fancy the challenge but still want to be part of the fun and group spirit, we are looking for volunteers to help on the day of this event.  Please contact one of the team below if you (or anyone else) are interested in joining our crew for the day.

For those who perhaps want slightly less of a challenge, we have organised another hike on the same day - a shorter (25km) and easier course (Half Sole), will form part of this charitable, fun, occasion and we will all celebrate together at the finish line!

Contact: Steve, Dave M, Marj, Stephen A, Susie E, or Pritty for any questions

Starting time: 08:15 AM. There is a fast ferry at 07:10 from Pier 6 in Central for those coming from the island. Do not miss it as we will NOT be delaying the start.
(Note that only 7-Eleven and Lantau Base Camp will be available to purchase last minute supplies)

Trail start: Lantau Base Camp, Mui Wo.

The Route: The 50km course follows most of the Lantau trail apart from two short cuts. The first shortcut goes through Ngong Ping so you can resupply at 7/11. The other shortcut will be after marker L045. A video explaining crucial turns and junctions is posted here. There will be NO markings on the course as it is self navigated.

Resupply checkpoints: Pak Kung Au (Water only), Shek Pik by marker L08 & South Lantau road junction in Pui O (closes 6:00pm)

Cost: $600 HKD. The cost will go towards drinks and snacks at the check points. All excess registration money (after costs) and 100% of any additional donation, will be donated to our nominated charity, RUN*. 
*RUN, works towards rehabilitating vulnerable refugees who have experienced extreme trauma, by offering them sports programmes, and investing additional resources into their educational needs to find permanent solutions for their future.

Trail end: Lantau Base Camp, Mui Wo.

(GPX file of the route is available upon request)

Route Details: Self guiding
Length: 50km
Gradient (Ascent): about 2,250m (almost 1/4 of Everest!)
Surface: 2.5 (paved surfaces and well-marked trails)


Finish line is at Lantau Base Camp.

The entire route is on paved surfaces or well-defined dirt trails. Those who know the route well, can feel free to run ahead, but we would prefer people to hike in pairs.  It is essential for safety, to let a marshal know when you finish/exit the Challenge.


Please bring plenty of water or sports drink to begin – you are able to top up at checkpoints. You should also bring plenty of food/gels to keep your energy up. There are multiple early exit points to public transportation if it all gets too much - Nam Shan, Pak Kung Au (9km), Cheung Sha (12km) & Pui O.  Bring a hat and sunblock as some of this route is without shade.


Disclaimer: Hong Kong Hikers organises hiking events on an amateur basis. By joining the hikes, all participants are deemed to have read and understood the hike description, to have determined that they are of a suitable fitness level to undertake the hike, and to have agreed to exonerate the hike leaders, the organisers and any other participants in the walks from any liabilities or claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries or deaths or damages arising therefrom.

Mui Wo Ferry Pier

By the green mail box just at the entrance to the ferry pier