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Your group. Your rules.

Custom Group Home Page

You can lay out your home page with many sections in a way that reflects your group's own personality. Creating pages features an editor that gives you rich text, including bold, italics, font size and, of course, images. Animated GIFs? Go ahead. It's not recommended, but go ahead. Embed a video? Sure!







Visit the demo group.  Feel free to join the demo group and RSVP to an event to see how things work. 

Event Creation

Set up inviting events with clear details. It's up to you how to communicate the event's location. You can include a link to the precise location using Google maps, or any other website that will help your people find you.

Attendance Taking

Many groups have attendance policies for many reasons. You have the ability to take attendance at events, and yes, mark no-shows.

Attendance taking is available starting 15 minutes prior to the event's scheduled start time.

Attendance not important to your group? No worries. You don't have to.

Custom Reservations

On each event,  you may keep it simple and only ask for a guest count (or not even allow guests!)

On the other hand, you might need to have a breakdown of the types of attendees, e.g., number of adults, children, seniors, etc. 

You might also need to ask questions about the event. Questions can be yes/no, short answer or long answer. You can require certain questions and make others optional. You can also determine whether each question is visible to other members, or just to the organizer.


Your Group. Your Rules.

Public group or private group?  (And private means private. Members need a secret URL even to see you!)

Require a photo to join?

Require approval before someone becomes a member?

If you need even more, read on for custom fields and member questions!


Custom Fields

Your group is unique. So are your members. You can create custom fields to help track and organize your membership better.

Of course, you can download your member information with your custom fields!

Document Library

Got rules and regulations? Disclaimers? Detailed instructions?

Create documents to convey this information to your members.

You may put document text or links to the information on your home page and  individual events.



In addition to being able to have a private group that nobody can find, you can also have a public group and determine what's visible to the outside world on each event.  



Member Management

If you need to track dues or other forms of payments, Groups Place has tools to help you manage your members.

You may define subscription plans and charge your members for their participation. You may either record payments manually, or you may accept credit cards from your members. To accept credit cards, you need to have an account with Stripe. Once your Stripe account is set up, you can supply a restricted credential to allow Groups Place to make charges on your behalf.

Member Questions/Acknowledgements

Do you want members to answer questions when they join? Do they have to acknowledge your rules or that they agree to certain things? You can create questions to ask your members and even control whether it's required to join your group. You can mix and match required and non-required questions as well.


Group Calendar

See all your upcoming events on your group calendar. You can change the view to monthly, weekly or daily.

Members can get a personal URL (for Google Calendar/iCal, etc.) to their own calendar that shows all the events they are RSVP'd for.


Social Features

Comment on events. Like comments. Like photos.


Event Photo Gallery

Every event has a photo gallery where members may upload photos to share the memories of your event.


Reputation Settings

Want a fun way to encourage participation and discourage no shows? Use the reputation system. You can define points for attending, hosting and no-showing. You can also control when "ribbons" are awarded as your members' reputation within the group grows. 

Event and group pages show the ribbon by members' profile pictures so you can see at a glance what each person's reputation is.

Don't think this is cool or fun? You can turn the feature off.

Don't like the label "reputation"? Call it what you want!  Karma, participation score, street cred.... whatever works for your group's style.

Activity Feed

You can show an activity feed on your home page so members can see what's been happening. 

You can choose whether your activity feed is visible to non-members. If you do make it visible, it's a good way for potential members to see how active your group is, or what you've been up to.


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