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Welcome to the Chiang Mai Photographic Group.  We are a mixed bunch of photographers who spend at least some of the year in this great city where the photo opportunities are endless, the food is good and the livin’ is easy.  Well, easy-ish, anyway.

The Chiang Mai Photographic Group was founded in 2004 and aims to further all aspects of the picture taking abilities of its members through the sharing of skills and mutual support in an informal, inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere. All are welcome, regardless of experience - if you want to improve your skills please come along to a meeting and try it out. The CMPG is run solely for the benefit of its members and a 60 baht contribution to our funds is levied at each meeting or field trip which is used to defray general expenses and mount our annual exhibition.

The pictures in this slideshow are from our 11th Annual Exhibition held at Airport Plaza in 2019.

We have members who have been in the photography business all their lives, beginners who are just getting to realise how much there is to learn and a whole bunch of talented people who generously share their time and knowledge.  Our regular meetings are normally held every two weeks and you can find details of what's next by checking the Upcoming Events panel on this page.  Come along and share some of your pictures with us soon (See how to submit your pictures on the Event Details page).

We look forward to seeing you soon,
Wyndham & Chris 

RIP Tim Corp 1974-2020

Sadly, after over a week in intensive care here in Chiang Mai, one of our regular members, Tim Corp, died on Sunday February 9th of an embolism. He had been struggling with his health for the past few months, but attended our last meeting where he told us he was on the mend so this has come as a big shock.

Tim graduated in 1997 with a degree in Photography and Animation from Columbia College of Chicago (CCC). In his varied incarnations as a contemporary artist, he was involved in the creative visuals industry for many years.  An award winning CG Visual Designer, Tim was honoured with an Emmy, dozens of ITVA’S, a couple as Videographer, an Aegis, a Princeton Art and Science award as well a plethora of random print and design credits. In the last few years he took up photography, and featured in two Chiang Mai Photography Group exhibitions as well as a three-month solo gallery showing at SangDee Galleries for his light projection project, ”FullFrontalProjection”.

Tim's choice of footwear, ever interesting hairstyles and permanently attached sunglasses ensured he never failed to stand out in a crowd but he will be most remembered his fellow photographers as a talented artist who brought some exciting and fresh ideas to the CMPG.  From slide projections on naked models and retro Cosplay movie posters to the amazing light painting collaborations he more recently worked on with Lyle Mead, Tim's work always amazed and amused while his willingness to grab a microphone and speak his mind at meetings resulted in thoughtful and often entertaining contributions.  He'll be much missed.

Links From Meeting Items: Here's where you can find some links to items we looked at or discussed during recent meetings.