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Welcome small doggies!


If you have a friendly toy breed or small dog no bigger than 15 lbs. this could be the club for you.  Our club was started in February of 2007 for the purpose of letting our little dogs socialize with others their own size.   Our monthly gatherings are meet and mingle events that normally have a theme or activity.  They are a great way to get to know other small dog owners and have a good time with our little canines.  Be prepared to have some fun.

Requirements to join our club:

 For identification purposes, your profile photo must be of your dog or you with your dog.
Your screen name must be your name or your dog’s name.  No business names, odd nicknames or anonymous “user” names.
General information:


At each event we collect $1.00 dues from each of our members to help defray the cost of maintaining our website and the expenses for our parties (snacks, prizes, paper plates, etc.). Dues may be increased during the winter months to cover rental or cleaning expenses at indoor facilities. Summaries of our dues and expenses are circulated quarterly to all members.


From March through October we meet at a public park in the Bethesda area. As a reminder, the park is a multi-use field and there is NO fenced in area for the dogs, so please don’t come expecting there to be one. If your dog has not yet mastered the “come” command, you should bring a long cloth leash–no retractable leashes please!

From December through February, we do our best to secure an indoor room at a dog friendly facility in the area.


We regularly remove members who fail to attend any events in any six month period. Sorry, but it doesn’t benefit our club if people don’t have time to participate.


Our group is purely social and members are not permitted to post comments advertising for their businesses, services, puppies for sale, pets being given up or solicitations for breedmates.


Bethesda Small Dog Social Club has hosted 11 events and has 0 planned.

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