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What we're about

Pembrokeshire Social is a group for members to meet in the comfortable atmosphere of pubs and restaurants.

Currently this group is an addition to our main group on Meetup (Haverfordwest Social) but if this works out we will transfer all our activities to this site. The group focuses on creating social gatherings within 15 miles of Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, Wales but with anyone very welcome to attend from elsewhere. Our guideline for the group is to hold events that create social interaction – anything where we talk to each other rather than just sit and watch. These events are for couples as well as singles and are mainly held in pubs and restaurants but in the future we may hold evenings elsewhere. We want to encourage people to meet others in the community, but we are NOT for anyone who wants to treat this group as purely an opportunity to proposition others.

We meet once a fortnight (occasionally weekly), on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening. The organisers add comprehensive directions, notes, photos and extra detail as necessary to each event's page. We firmly believe that the organisers should attend every meeting– so barring dire circumstances, we’ll be there!

Please read the disclaimer document posted on this group before coming along to an evening. This is a ‘not for profit’ group so there is no annual membership fee although we do collect £1 per member and guests that attend each event until the cost of the groups.place fee is met and then all extra money will go towards paying for regular members meals or drinks at a meeting each year. Feel free to contact the organisers for any more info or questions regarding the group. 

You are very welcome to join us in this new social gathering.

All the best

Clive and Marg

PS. When people have started joining this group then we'll add lots of events.

Also, don't worry about arriving alone and finding no one there – an organiser will always attend our events.

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Nothing to show at this time.
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    Clive Ousley, Head Organizer
    Margaret Ousley, Group Organizer