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Hi, you've found the MotoWorks rideouts group.

MotoWorks welcomes customers and local riders to join them on our planned rideouts. We'd enjoy having you come with us on what will be regular rides during the longer days of summer.

Regardless of what you ride, or which licence you have, you're more than welcome on our rides. We ride with a relaxed attitude, using the 'Cornerman System', showing respect for those around us and the areas in which we ride.

We are closely linked to the extremely well run and popular London Motorcycle Riders Club. We encourage those who enjoy the rideouts we do, and who wish to do more group riding, to join LMRC, also to be found on here.

If you're a customer or local rider and like the sound of what we do, then sign up with a picture of yourself on your MotoWorks profile so we know who you are on the rideouts, this being a condition of acceptance with ourselves. 

Any questions on joining, please feel free to give the Organisers a shout, they'll be able to help you with any questions you may have about the site and the ride outs.