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Exhibition 2019 – Submission Guidelines

SHORTLIST SELECTION (19th Oct – 7th Nov 2018)

Photobug have again agreed to sponsor us by doing our prints on their Epson inkjet, so you should crop your images so that the short edge is 12 inches and the longest is no more than 18 inches.  We have room to display a limited number of panoramas with a maximum width of 25 inches but please note that the height should be no less than 7 inches or they look a bit lost in the frame.

Info for new members
Members submit exhibition entries at the weekly Selection Meetings where each is reviewed by those at the meeting and shortlisted (or not) by a simple show of hands.  It's expected that active members attend as many selection meetings as possible, even if they are not submitting pictures as this event is central to the CMPG.  Shortlisted pictures are then put online and voted on by everyone who has entered images.  We display your work in standard size frames so for the best results you should produce files with an image as large as possible within the 12 x 18 inch maximum print area as outlined above.  We take care of the printing, mounting and framing, the cost of which is usually around 400 baht per picture.  Exhibitions have around 120 prints and generally feature the work of about 25 members.  You may bring up to 3 images per selection meeting, to a maximum total of 15 submissions per member.

Please bring image files for submission in their finished form - that is at full resolution and processed ready for printing.  This includes saving them at the correct printing size so that the Photobug doesn’t have to make any adjustments.  We will be keeping the copy you submit until the final selection is made and then use that same file to make the print.  In the event the meeting wants to shortlist a picture with a minor change you'll have the chance to do that, but by and large we should be looking at the real thing.

To print acceptably at exhibition size, your cropped full resolution images should ideally be between 2500 and 3300 pixels on the short side – anything less than 1500 may not print well enough.  Please check this before choosing your submissions and doing any post processing work. The final, final decision will be made by reference to the quality of the print, so simply being optimistic can lead to disappointment.  If you think you have a really borderline case, get a full size digital print made to see how it looks -10 baht well spent!

File Type
JPG only, and please save the file at the correct size for printing.  Do your processing in PSD, DNG or TIF and then finally save it as a JPG at the highest quality setting (either 10 or 100% depending on the software you use).

File Names - Very Important!  Please Read This Twice....
Files should be named as follows:

Your Exhibitor Number – Filename or short caption max 20 characters - size (Short Side x Long side) - Orientation

Separate the bits of information with a hyphen (dash) and no spaces.

For example:

27-Boats At Hunan Lake-12x18-L


·         27 =  Your Exhibitor Number

·         Boats At Hunan Lake = Your own file name which will be displayed when we review the image so it can be a short caption, but please make it something that IDs the image in some way.  Maximum characters including            spaces is 20 and please capitalise each word. You must not use hyphens (-).

·         12x18 = Print size in inches. Round to the nearest inch. (Important: put the short side first and don’t use spaces)

·         L = Landscape; P = Portrait; S = Square; PA = Panorama

·         If you are asked to resubmit an image please insert “Resub” right after your Exhibitor Number (eg. 27 Resub-Boats At Hunan Lake-11x18-L)


Do not use hyphens (dashes) anywhere in your file names other than to separate the bits of information.  If in doubt please email us at

Please, please do it exactly this way or your images are likely to end up orphaned, homeless and out in the cold.  Standardising the naming allows us to use a spreadsheet to keep them in order from day one and saves a huge amount of work.  Later on you'll be invited to add the title, full caption information and your biography to the images that make it into the final selection.

Finally, we don’t have time to rename files at the meeting.  If you don’t bring them properly named then they won’t get shown that week.