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Exhibition 2019 - FAQ

Please note that this FAQ is a work in progress. I will add common questions to it as they appear as posts in the Discussion forum.

Q:  Can anyone enter work? Here are the rules for eligibility:

• Members who have attended at least two meetings so far in 2018.
• Members who have joined since June 1st 2018
• Exhibitors must be present in Chiang Mai for at least part of the period Jan 26th – Feb 10th 2019.

These rules are not set in stone but the underlying aim is that this Exhibition is for people who are (or aim to be) active members prepared to contribute to the CMPG and attend meetings on a fairly regular basis. Others are welcome to participate in on the selection meetings if they wish.

Q:  How do I submit entries for the Exhibition?  Get an Exhibitor Number by emailing with "Exhibitor Number" as the subject, prepare and name your images by following the Submission Guidelines and bring them to a selection meeting on a USB drive. Please put them in a single, clearly marked folder to make it easier to load them onto the computer.

Q:  Why do I need an Exhibitor Number?
 Two reasons: firstly, so the voting process is anonymous and secondly, our highly sophisticated International Cloud Data Processing System needs to keep track of the entries (we dump them into a Google spreadsheet and Mike See sorts everything out in Pennsylvania...).

Q:  How much does it cost? There is no charge to submit photographs and the successful Exhibitors only have to pay for framing of pictures selected to hang in the show. CMPG gets a great group rate and takes care of the printing and mounting. In 2018, the cost per picture was 400 baht. The current price will be confirmed shortly but is likely to be similar.

Q:  I have some frames from last year - can I use them instead of buying new ones? Sorry, but no. The amount of work involved in administering this is too great to make it practical.

Q:  What if I'm away for one or more of the Selection Meetings? Please arrange with another member to bring your files along. Long standing members with no friends can email Wyndham at

Q:  How does the voting work? At the selection meetings, anonymous submissions are viewed in random order and discussed by those present. A vote is taken by a show of hands and photographs with 50% or more go though to the shortlist. After eight selection meetings, the images are put in an online gallery and everyone who submitted work (regardless of whether any were shortlisted) is able to vote. The result is then fine tuned to ensure a balanced exhibition. It's not a perfect system, but we've managed to produce ten good shows to date so we're sticking with it for now.

Q:  How many pictures can I enter for the Exhibition? You can enter up to 15 images but only three per meeting.

Q:  I'd like to submit a short series of pictures - how do I do this? The exhibition panels will take a maximum of three images. If you would like to offer a series intended to be shown together, make a single JPG with the images together as you would like to see them and also bring the individual files so we can review them properly.  This has not proved very workable in the past but feel free to keep trying.

Q:  8 weeks just to vote on some pictures? Seems like a lot of workWe review and vote on 30 - 40 images per 2 hour meeting so, with a break in the middle, you can see that it's quite a full evening. There is an overview of the review criteria in another thread so you can get an idea of what we discuss (and why). It's important that members (and particularly Exhibitors) attend as many selection meetings as possible so that everyone both gives and receives critique.

Q:  I'm not very good at speaking in public. Do I have to talk at Selection Meetings? Get over it! We really want to hear from as many people as possible when we review the submissions, otherwise it falls on just a few to do all the talking. Rehearse in front of the bathroom mirror and take a stiff drink before the meeting....

Q:  I'm leaving town just before the show closes, can I take my pictures with me? Under no circumstances can pictures removed from the show until the official closing time. It's busy right up to the last minute and empty spaces are disrespectful to visitors and your fellow exhibitors, not to mention the venue upon whom we may depend for future shows. Arrangements can be made to keep your pictures for a limited time so you can pick them up later.

Q:  Despite your fabulous FAQ, I still have a question. How do I get in touch? Please post your question in this forum thread: 2019 Exhibition.  We see all posts and replies left there and they will be dealt with promptly.  Most importantly it means that other members get to see them. If you really need to contact us directly, email Don't post questions or comments on about the exhibition to Facebook or any other forums.