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We are an amateur group organising a range of hikes throughout the territory. We welcome residents and visitors of all levels of fitness and experience to join us in exploring the great Hong Kong countryside.

We normally hike 4-6 times each week during the cooler months and 2-4 times during the summer. Details of individual events are visible only to members of the group and we use an RSVP system (which means NO GUESTS PLEASE unless by prior agreement with the hike organiser via the meetup system). But it’s quick, free and easy to register, so please come and join us (there’s a big “Register” button above!). We host hikes for all levels of difficulty from absolute beginners to very hard technical hikes or those wanting to train for longer distances or want to go a little fast to improve fitness. We try our best to list the hikes according to speed and difficulty so please note the hike ratings and also we try and specify in the title if its a hard, easy or moderate hike. Remember, just because its hard does not mean its fast. Hong Kong is the city that has some fantastic trails and sites and yet everything just a short commute away from the city center. What you waiting for, come join us.

If we don’t have any hikes scheduled or you want a particular hike on a certain day etc then please browse our commercial site,




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