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Hi, I’m a regular MOMS Club member who loves Groups Place! I created this website as a demo so other chapters can try it out and see if they think it’s a good fit for their chapter’s calendar system!

Groups Place is a club calendar alternative to Big Tent, Meetup, Facebook Events, Yahoo Groups, etc.

It's free for groups under 10 members, and $60/year for groups of 10 or more members. The subscribing member can manage as many groups as they wish (for example, if you decided to have a separate group and calendar for your JUMP group, you can do that without paying an additional $60/year fee.)

The developer is very responsive and has been quick to implement requests to make the system compatible with MOMS Club's needs.

There is not an iPhone/Android app; however, the website is very mobile friendly, can be added to your home screen and accessed like an app, following this tutorial: iPhone home screen tutorial

Email notifications are prompt, and it's easy to adjust your email preferences so you only get the notifications you care about.


Key features that MOMS Club chapters will appreciate:

  • See at-a-glance what activities are on the calendar, which ones you're signed up to attend, and how many other members are currently planning to attend. You can also get an iCal link to dynamically sync your personal calendar (events you've RSVPed "yes" to) with your own calendar app (iPhone calendar, Google calendar, etc.)
  • Social features such as commenting, "liking," and private messaging help your members communicate about the events they are attending. It's especially helpful when members comment that they are running late, or that they are there but can't find us!
  • Customize what members see, versus what the public sees. The public-facing content can be used to address prospective members' questions and show people what your chapter's calendar is like, while maintaining your events' privacy. With the "Document Library" feature, you can create informative pages for your members (e.g. links to your chapter's handbook and babysitting co-op) and informative pages for the broader community (e.g. a list of restaurants where kids eat free in your community, or a list of all the relevant mothers support groups in your area.)
  • Give your members the organizer access that fits with your chapter's dynamic. You could assign certain members to be "Group Organizers" (with the ability to manage all events), make other members "Event Organizers" (with the ability to manage their own events), or just assign individual hosts to the specific events that you create for them. One chapter made EVERYONE an Event Organizer, so it's easier for members to host last-minute events.
  • Members are more willing to host in their homes when they can limit the maximum number of attendees with a well-designed RSVP and waitlist system (including the option to have attendees specify the number of guests for your defined guest types, for example the # of adults and # of children).
  • Members can pay their dues or activity fees via the website, using the Stripe integration option. 
  • Member management -- Groups Place will automatically send renewal reminders when a member's dues are coming up.


If your chapter is interested in playing around with the system, you can join this demo group for the MOMS Club of Narnia.

All new members on the demo group will be given "Event Organizer" privileges (ability to create and manage your own events). If you'd like to try out the "Group Organizer" or "Admin" roles, just send a message via Groups Place to the user "Natasha Johnson."

Welcome to MOMS Club of Narnia!

Moms Offering Moms Support®

If you have ever wished you had a "village," MOMS Club® is where you will find it! We are a group of at-home moms who get together at each other's homes, parks, the library, coffee shops, community centers, etc. Our kids play angelically nearby while we enjoy some coffee and adult conversation!


MOMS Club of Narnia has hosted 56 events and has 21 planned.

Ready to Join?
  1. Register for a Groups Place account.
  2. Ask to join our Groups Place group.
  3. Complete your membership paperwork.
  4. Pay $25 dues, via cash or check. 💸

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International MOMS Club

To learn more about the International MOMS Club organization, please contact support@momsclub.org or www.momsclub.org. You may also request information via mail by writing to International MOMS Club, 1464 Madera Rd. #N 191, Simi Valley, CA 93065.

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