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Support for moms in Rapid City, SD

MOMS Club® of Rapid City, South Dakota
Support for local moms who want daytime activities that welcome both them and their children

Hike It Baby
Baby- and kid-friendly hikes

Wild+Free Black Hills
Baby- and kid-friendly outdoor play

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
Westminster MOPS (Presbyterian)
Peace Lutheran MOPS (Lutheran)
South Side MOPS (Evangelical Free)
Workshops and support for Christian mothers

St. Paul's Moms
Mother's group sponsored by St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Young Adult Catholics
Online discussion and regular prayer/catechesis for young adult Catholics

Catholic Home Educators (Black Hills)
Online discussion and occasional meet-ups for Catholic homeschoolers

Birth Circle
Online discussion, local pregnancy, birth, and postpartum resources

Birth Professionals
Directory of local pregnancy, birth, and postpartum resources

Online discussion, local meetings, and buy/sell/trade breastfeeding supplies

Breastfeeding Support Group @ Hospital
weekly breastfeeding support group, w/ scale to weigh babies

La Leche League
Breastfeeding support group that used to meet monthly

Cloth Diapering
Online discussion, and buy/sell/trade cloth diapering supplies

Online discussion, local meetings to try out different carriers, and buy/sell/trade baby carriers

Green Parenting
Online discussion started by a local mom, open to like-minded parents outside the community

Natural Parenting
Online discussion

Online discussion, local meetings, buy/sell/trade homeschooling supplies

Black Hills Area Moms
Advertisements by & for moms, with occasional discussion about local resources of interest to moms

Work-at-home Moms
Discussion for WAHMs