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Welcome to MOMS Club Fresno Central!

MOMS Club Fresno Central is a wonderful group of at-home moms here to provide support and activities for you and your child(ren). We welcome moms in all stages of motherhood, including expecting moms and moms of school-aged children.

We meet during the day, when at-home moms and kids need activities and support. Our calendar is always full of activities such as park play, library visits, weekly walking group, kids crafts, indoor play areas, monthly book club and field trips (fire station, train rides, pumpkin patch, etc.) Choose events that work best with your schedule.

We serve stay-at-home moms within the boundaries of west of Willow and south of Herndon.  If you live outside the boundaries you are always welcome to join us or we can help you connect with a MOMS Club in your area!

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MOMS Club of Fresno Central has hosted 115 events and has 35 planned.

Host An Event

Hosting an event is easy!  Pick a day and time and signup to coordinate!
Here are some summer options:

Park Splash Pads Maya Cinema Kids Summer Series
Wilderness Falls at the Zoo Jungle Party House
Library Events Tiny Tots Playground
Fashion Fair Mall Kids Club Kids Play Cafe
A Book Barn, Mother Goose Story Hour Discovery Center
Play Areas at McDonalds, Chick-fil-A Pump It Up
Fashion Fair Food Court Play Area No Surrender


Our Leaders

Chapter Executive Board
President: Kate Brar, 559-709-3073, brar.katherine@gmail.com
AVP: Lindsay Fox, 515-419-4609, lindsay.elizabeth.fox@gmail.com
MVP: Jena Contreras, 760-216-8646, jeglasgo@hotmail.com
MVP: Mykel Newton Suntrapak, 559-307-7392, mykelsuntrapak@gmail.com
Secretary: Kirby Arreola, 559-777-1175, Kirbydianad@gmail.com
Treasurer: Gina Minafo, 760-529-6563, ginaec55@gmail.com

The following International MOMS Club® volunteers help our chapter. Please contact them with any questions about MOMS Club®.
Big Sister: Heather Nguyen, heather.nguyen@momsclub.org
Area Coordinator: Monica Grandov, monica.grandov@momsclub.org
State Coordinator: Briana Destefanis, bri.destefanis@gmail.com
Regional Coordinator: Ashley Castro, ashley.castro@momsclub.org



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Important Documents


Behavioral Guidelines & Code of Conduct

Facebook Group Rules

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Sick Policy: Please do not attend any of the meetings, events, or playgroups if you or your child has a fever, pink eye, cold and/or runny nose (that is not allergy related), any infections in which you started antibiotics within 24 hours or less, or any rash unless diagnosed by a health care professional as benign. (This policy was passed by the membership.)