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This club is free, but donations are accepted. Suggested donation per event is $5, collected at the event.

The Greater Dayton Nature Journal Club is a diverse community of artists and naturalists, of all skill levels -- beginner to advanced, who meet regularly to connect with nature through art and journaling.

Through monthly field trips and occasional workshops, we’ll explore all the amazing nature our area has to offer. We’ll work together as a community to develop our artistic skills, increase our naturalist knowledge, and deepen our love of nature. 

We are intergenerational and family friendly. We encourage the participation of seniors and elders! Parents are encouraged to bring mature children who have a genuine interest in nature sketching and journaling. Please monitor and encourage your children. *Note: Children MUST be accompanied by an adult. 

Each event listing will include a note on the difficulty of any hiking involved, and if a trip is wheelchair accessible.

*Want to host an event, or have an idea for one? Contact an administrator!

*Want to participate in the upkeep and leadership of the group? Contact an administrator!



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