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Welcoming Tarot Enthusiasts Everywhere

Whether you use the Tarot as a tool for ritual, for its wisdom and guidance, or you just love the beauty of the deks, we are delighted to have you join us!

We exist to serve and inspire Tarot friendships, both locally for our monthly gatherings, and throughout the wider world community.

For over 15 years, we have been getting together in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area for Tarot learning programs, show and tell, announcements, and small group or team practice sessions.

But you don't have to live in the Triangle area. We also warmly welcome non-local Tarot friends and enthusiasts.  Please join and visit us for a spell!

We invite all members to post in our forums, share their Tarot questions, offer pointers, suggestions, and inspiration. And by the way...

MEMBERSHIP IS FREE... and open to Tarot enthusiasts at all levels of experience. We have members who are active professionals, and we have members who have just opened their first card purhase the very night of our gathering!

However, we do gratefully accept donations, to help with administrative costs, etc.

By the way, we do not, at this time, or in this context, offer readings to the public. This group is for readers and students of the Tarot, as a safe place to practice and explore.

Whether in person, or online, bring your decks, your favorite layouts, your questions, and your ideas!

Learn, explore, and discover the joys of Tarot!


Triangle Tarot & Friends has hosted 195 events and has 0 planned.

Beth Owls Daughter, Founder and Organizer
Plus 12 Tarot Aficianados!