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Custom Home Page

Lay out your group's home page the way that works for your group. You choose what's important to show and where to show it.

Create Inviting Events

Set up events with a built-in HTML editor. Include images and embedded videos in your event. Give precise location links with Google Maps.

Take Attendance

Easily track attendance, no shows and cancellations.

Advanced Reservations

More than just +1! Need to track # of children versus adults? Seniors? Dogs? No problem.

Advanced Privacy Controls

Private groups are completely private. Public groups can fine tune what the public sees on every event.

Collect Custom Fields

If you need specific information from your members (phone numbers, email, spouse name)... or specific details for an event (what are you bringing to the potluck? special diet?), we've got you covered!

Document Library

Got rules and regulations? Disclaimers? Detailed instructions? Create documents to convey this information to your members. Include documents on group home and event pages.

Collect Money

Seamlessly integrate with Stripe for payments. Collect membership dues and fees for individual events.


Visualize all your events and reminders on a group calendar. Members have a personal calendar to view their events across multiple groups.

Social Features

Member messaging on events. Private messaging. Group forums. Activity feed on home page.

Image Galleries

Easily share images from events. Each event gets its own gallery and members may upload photos to them.

Reward Participation

Unique "reputation" system to award badges as people participate. You control the levels and what you want to call the badges.


Free to try. No credit card required to create a group. Go ahead, kick the tires



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About Us


What is Groups Place?

Quite simply, it's a place for your group. If you have a group and need a way to manage events and members, this is your place. Groups Place was started as a result of unhappiness at a popular site where people got together to meet up. Organizers found that they kept losing control of some of the features that helped them organize their group and needed a place where they were more in control. Groups Place tries to fill that void.

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Who Should Use Groups Place?

Groups Place is a site for established groups, or new groups that have ways to attract new members.

Although we'd like to say "if you build it they will come", this isn't a big enough site yet to have a global membership that would funnel members to you. If you'd like to start a group here and don't already have members, there are a few things you can do:

  • Choose a unique name for your group. Groups Place is regularly indexed by Google, so if you have a unique name, you will likely end up at the top of results.
  • Make sure you set up your categories on your group settings so Google and other popular search engines will know the important keywords.
  • Be sure to add public-facing section on your home page that explains in detail what you're about.