Last year, we announced our partnership with Ezumee to provide a custom platform for their groups migrating from Meetup and other platforms. In the course of our partnership this past year, we realized that our goals are aligned and we've modified the platform to allow for different billing models to support various types of groups. We also have the ability to have privately-branded versions of the platform, and Groups Place is now part of Ezumee as a separate brand. We didn't want to disrupt current groups with new URLs, etc. so for current groups, things will look and feel about the same -- with the exception of "Ezumee" being part of our name in the logo.

On our public home page, you might notice that we are asking potential new groups to go to Ezumee Groups to create their account and new group as this is where we'd like to see future growth happen.

In the near future, we will send out a survey to existing group owners to see if they wish to keep their groups on the Groups Place brand or migrate to Ezumee. We'll lay out the pros and cons of this at that time.